To all Our Beloved Fathers

Father’s are amazing beings. They guide us, provide wisdom, help solve those tricky little problems in life that only Dads seem to know how to solve. They play with us when we’re kids ( or play with our kids when we grow up), listen to us and provide a safe harbour in any storm. Blessed be the fathers for they shall inherit all the love that we, their sons, their daughters can give them. Territory Made is proud to salute all the fathers out there. And while our next and last Territory Made event for the Day falls after Father’s Day, why not treat your Dad to a post father’s Day shopping spree..

Here’s some ideas to make Father’s Day go just that little bit longer..


To start with  you’ll need a card. Recycle Me Cards have some gorgeous handmade Father’s Day Cards or head to Quite Quirkky for gorgeous 3D card art. You can’t go past photography for a gift. Try Louise Denton’s gorgeous Territory landscape or Carly O’ Neill ‘s compelling animal photography. Little Egret Fine Crafts has some sweet leather cuffs that Dad will delight in wearing or for something more whimsical, try one of Al Oldfield’s toy gun art.


And don’t forget Dads need pampering too. Why not grab him some masculine soaps,  baths salts or bombs from Deepwater Sanctuary, beer soap from Monsoon Soap Co or head to Natural Wonders and keep Dad Mozzie free with some Good Riddance mozzie repellant.  Dad’s Day all wrapped up. Or get ahead for Christmas.. And after you finish shopping, spoil Dad with an icy cold beer on tap from One Mile Brewery or a refreshing mojito all while soaking up the sounds of some top Territory musicians.. it could be your last chance for a while.. Or could it? Do it.. Our next and ( possibly) our last event for the year is on September 13. from 10am – 4pm, George Brown Botanic Gardens.

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