Tropical Fashion: Tropical by Name, Tropical by Nature

The tropics is a wonderful place to live , to work to play. In the Dry, we have 6 long months of backyard barbecues, outdoor events, visiting relatives, serious sunsets, the snap crackle and pop of firecrackers and  complaining about the cold when it gets below 25 degrees. In The Build Up and the Wet( and those odd months either side) we have 6 months of sweat, spectacular thunderstorms,sweat, absence of visiting relatives, higher electricity bills, sweat and, did we mention sweat?  But how does one survive such a juxtaposition of seasons, still keep one’s cool and comfort while looking fabulous? How? With some tropical  Territory Made fashion of course.  Tropical fashion has its own unique feel and flavour. Bright and bold colours are the order of the day and above else it must be cool, comfortable and uniquely chic. Here’s some ways you can incorporate it into your wardrobe.

Om Designs is a market regular and their cool, comfortable and colourful garments embody tropical living at it’s finest. For a great look pair one of their signature reversible skirts with a bold coloured cotton top from their new range.


Chick Pea Designs also incorporates bright,  bold colours and  prints into fresh and funky tops and gorgeous, light summery dresses. Pair a top with an A line skirt from Irene O’ Meara. And for something with more of an artistic edge, Aly de Groot has beautiful silk tops and tunics imbued with rich earthy tones. Throw in a geometric  necklace from Brittany Jones or polymer beads from Sarah Martin and and you’re ready! Welcome to the Territory. Make it yours. All these artisans will be at our July Market  in the Botanic Gardens this Sunday 19 July. Don’t forget to enter our Territory Made 500 Promotion when you buy!

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