Eight in a Row with Recycle Me Cards


Starting this week, we’re going to be profiling our artisans to give you an insight into what really makes them tick. We’ve asked them eight questions to really get down the nitty gritty of How do they create? What inspires them? How does the magic really happen? We’re kicking off with  Kathryn Carter from Recycle Me Cards. Kathryn’s work is unique and her cards have become the go to purchase for both Territorians and visitors alike wanting to commemorate a special occasion.


Artisan: Kathy Carter

Business Name: Recycle Me Cards

How long have you been operating?

This is my second year with the Territory Made Markets.

How did your business/label start?

I began making cards 20 years ago when I was given a paper making kit for my birthday. Since then I have always made home made cards for my family and friends. Having recently retired and with more time to spare I started making cards to sell at the Territory Made Markets.

Where do you create?

We live in an apartment but luckily there is a spare room that I have made into a craft room. The paper, however, is made on the balcony as it gets very messy and wet.

Where and how do you find inspiration for your work?

I find inspiration in nature. When I go for a walk I am always looking at the ground and picking up leaves and seeds etc. I also like to cut things out of old books and calendars to recycle.

Are your creations a full time activity or do you have a “ day job” as well? If so what do you do?

I am retired and very lucky to be able to have the time to devote to doing this craft that I love.

Name one resource that you could not live without?

Recycled paper.

Do you have a favourite product from your collection/product range? What is it?

The most popular cards are for new babies and weddings so I have a lot of fun making those. I also love making cards featuring vintage style dresses and it’s nice to be creative with fashion styles and add a little rose or buttons to make them look really special.

Tell us one exciting thing your business will be doing/creating/making over the next 12 months?

I have just started to make paper bowls from recycled paper, cotton and materials. It’s just like pottery only I’m doing it with paper and making them really colourful. The paper pulp feels great when I’m moulding it. When dry they are painted with a UV protective varnish that provides added strength and durability.

Get in Touch with Kathryn via Recycle Me Cards: jca26079@bigpond.net.au


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