Eight in a Row with Audrey’s Wardrobe


Audrey’s Wardrobe is a label that has been the toast of the town for fashionistas this Darwin Cup Carnival season. Stylish, vintage dresses and accessories are so on point this season. Find out what makes her tick in our latest eight in a row with Audrey’s Wardrobe’s Victoria Hirst.


Victoria Hirst

Business Name

Audrey’s Wardobe

How long have you been operating?

Almost three years – since August 2013

How did your label start?

I was considering purchasing a “bricks and mortar” vintage clothing store as a

sea change from work in June 2013. However, decided that the traditional retail

space probably wasn’t for me, and that I wasn’t experienced enough to run my

own business. I still had a huge collection of vintage that I wanted to get out into

the world, so online was the obvious answer, and Etsy was the best choice for


Where do you create? 

I mainly buy online, but love the opportunity to trave interstate and overseas to

buy from vintage fairs. My spare room is my stock-room and personal wardrobe!

Where and how do you find inspiration for your work?

I’m inspired by street fashion, people watching and many vintage style bloggers.

One of my favourite bloggers is Vix from the Vintage Vixen blog, who has an

AMAZING personal style, and travels around the UK selling amazing vintage at

fairs and festivals under her Kinky Melon brand.

Are your creations a full time activity or do you have a “ day job” as well? If so

what do you do?

I would love it to be full-time, but I do have a day job as well. I work as the

Manager – Business Planning and Performance for the Northern Territory

Primary Health Network.

Name one resource that you could not live without?

My iPhone!

Do you have a favourite product from your collection? What is it?

Very hard to pick a favourite, as I love everything I sell, but I have a few 1950s

“cupcake” prom dresses in store at the moment, which I am really loving.

Tell us one exciting thing your business will be doing/creating/making over the

next 12 months?

Very excitingly the theme of the Carlton Mid Darwin Cup Carnival is 1950s, to

celebrate the Darwin Turf Club’s Diamond Anniversary, so the Carnival

Ambassador, Leanne Scott-Toms will be wearing a dress and some accessories

from Audrey’s Wardrobe! I’ll be participating in the Territory Made Markets of

course, and looking to expand my Etsy store.

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