The Proof is in the Print


Walt Whitman famously said; “The art of art, the glory of expression and the sunshine of the light of letters, is simplicity”.  Simplicity is as simplicity does. Simplicity can be found not merely in the art itself but in its presentation, it’s format, its use. Art has many uses – to challenge, to hold a mirror to our lives, to society, or simply to add light, colour, meaning  and texture to a wall, a room, a space, a gift, or anything really. Territory Made is was founded on a clear vision of celebrating art in all its wondrous forms, and this is certainly the case with our graphic artists, painters and other  artisans who place pen, paint, or pixels to a canvas,  to paper or another beautiful medium. Whether you need a uniquely beautiful card to go with special gift, some colour and movement to bring life to a blank wall, or just some art into your everyday, there’s so much to choose from at Territory Made.


Take Monkey Soup for example. Creator and graphic designer Helen Saunders creates saucy, sassy and a little bit sexy illustrations and characters brought to life on colourful  buttons, magnets,  badges cards and prints. Chiggy’s Place is THE place for gift cards, sweet stationery, powerful prints and delightful affirmation cards. And for a card to commemorate the most salubrious of occasions you can’t go past Kathryn Carter’s handmade paper gift cards and stationery. Isabel Lopes creates whimsical, colourful, watercolour and acrylic illustrations featuring fantastical creatures and sublime designs on cards, prints and even jewellery. And if you need a beautiful custom created piece to add art, colour and light to a  blank wall or an empty room Amanda Bantick Bespoke Art can bring warmth and soul to any space. And you can’t go past Marnie Jay Art for contemporary Territory inspired art that is quirky, cool and colourful.


Whatever your taste, or occasion, Territory Made has art that will fit quite nicely into your everyday. Own it, use it, give it. Drink it in. Own your own Territory made art at our next event on Sunday August 16. 10am – 4pm George Brown Botanic Gardens.

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