The Buda Bar

The Buda Bar is the creation of Rick and Amanda.  A concept unlike other food vans on wheels, Rick and Amanda work hard to provide a healthy alternative to what’s on offer at your local market or pop up food event.

Rick has always had a passion for food – eating food, making food, learning about food and sharing food. Travelling the world Rick has many memories and experiences – but what he loved most was the connection made through food. He is now extremely excited to share his knowledge and always welcomes a chat with other like-minded foodies.

On the other hand, Amanda has always simply loved food.  She is thinking of dinner before lunch is finished!  And so the perfect partnership began and The Buda Bar was born.

The Buda Bar offers a new take on the traditional shake with 100% organic smoothies and treats that are wholesome and nutritious.  Their products offer a sense of ‘the good old days’ when the food we ate was grown locally rather than the highly processed foods we are more accustomed to today. The Buda Bar provides general information about the products that they use to help inform customer choice.  They believe people benefit from knowing what they are eating rather than it just tasting great!

With ingredients like chia, cacao, almond mylk, coconut water, chlorella, almond butter, kale, spinach, vanilla, cacao butter and coconut nectar (just to name a few!), the smoothie experience will be like no other.They are also very proud to use ‘plastics’ made from plants which keeps them in line with their sustainability goals.  Buda Bar smoothies are loved by adults and children alike!  Experience The Buda Bar for yourself at our May-September markets.  You’ll thank us.

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