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” There is something addictive about soapmaking; the alchemy of being able to turn a few everyday oils into a beautiful, hard, creamy bar of bubbles is something I still find amazing. It is art and science combined…. with just a little bit of magic”
– Anne- Marie  Onyeani. Soap Alchemist

Magic is indeed a part of these beautiful colourful bars, and a necessary ingredient when one’s studio has to compete with the intemperate and tempestuous Territory weather and the incessant demands of twin boys under 2. Despite all these challenges to her art, artisan and soapmaker Anne Marie Onyeani has been creating her vibrant colourful offerings for over 20 years, and her work has come a long way from her first attempts all those years ago.

Colour is an integral part of her creative process, and a constant source of inspiration – something that the colourful Territory environment keeps serving up in spades. Colour even inspired the name of her soap making enterprise which comes from the rich jewel colours and the brilliance of contrasting combinations that are ever present in Indian saris.

Formerly known as Sari Soap,  Sari Studio has evolved to become more that just soap and this Dry season will be launching her new range of 3D Wall art for nurseries and children’s rooms at Territory Made in 2015. See her gorgeous new range at our May market.

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