Sands of Time Design

George Bernard Shaw famously said “You use a glass mirror to see your face, you use works of art to see your soul” In her stunning creations , Sands of Time Design’s Debra Senjuschenko  use glass art beautifully to reflect soul, and a whole lot of heart.

Debra has been creating since her childhood days. An artist to her very core, she has won awards for sculpture, and tried just about every artform there is. Painting, textiles, embroidery – you name it, she’s created with it.  These journeys through art have led her to her current favoured art form –  glass and silversmithing.  The journey began with a fascination for chainmailing. This, coupled with a deep love of glass as medium have been the inspiration for her beautiful glass bead works.  While she has been creating and honing her craft for a great many years, hers is a journey of discovery. New techniques, new styles  and always – new sources of inspiration.
Her beads have been woven into statement pieces but are equally favoured as stand alone items and are highly sought after incorporated into jewellery or as  items in their own right. Debra creates one off bespoke pieces,  incorporating handcrafted glass beads, mixed metal, chain mail and so much colour. Owning a Sands of Time piece will add a lushness,  diversity and oh so much richness to your collection and add heart and soul to any outfit. Debra will be at our markets from May – September.
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