Monkey Soup

Monkey Soup. Not the newest, latest food du jour, but a fantastic design emporium founded by Helen Saunders. Helen is a graphic designer by trade. By day she designs documents, marketing material, web images and other important designs for a wide range clients, but by night she brings to life some wonderful, whimsical and well, just extraordinary characters you have to meet.
There’s Izzy, who’s smart, sassy and won’t take no &%*p from no one, Lillian, a rainbow coloured unicorn with a sparkle in her eye, and of course poor old Toto. Well, we all know how that ends. Or do we? And there’s loads more, each captured in sharp relief that draws you in makes you want to know, What happens next?
Her characters and other designs  are immortalised on badges, buttons, cards, prints, art, bookmarks and more. Her signature style incorporates bright colours, and oodles of personality. Inspiration forher  art comes from anywhere and everywhere. It comes from the animals scurrying around her backyard, the people around her, the beautiful colours of our natural flora and fauna and basic concepts that impact our day to day lives. What might artificial love look like? . And while at first glance, it might not seem that the Territory is there in her art, but if you look closely, you can see it, in the colour, in the colourful characters and in the quirky way her everyday concepts come to life.
For Helen, the best part of her creative process is bringing together colours and concepts and personalising them in a way which you compels you to  make a connection. Look out for new collections featuring themes of birds on a wire, and man vs nature. You can find Helen at all of our markets from July – September.
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