Deepwater Sanctuary

Deepwater Sanctuary was founded by Melissa Chappell in June last year. The name  was inspired by the town of Deepwater, north of Brisbane where she has spent many happy times. A place that is picturesque, calm, peaceful and tranquil. A sanctuary.

But Melissa believes that with just the right touch any environment can be a sanctuary. Of course nowhere is this need more important than at your own place . The place you live, love, play and relax. Your home. Your sanctuary…

Deepwater Sanctuary has a range of products that will truly help you turn your home into a sanctuary. Melissa has worked hard to create and refine the foundation and secret ingredient of her product range – seven signature fragrances that are just heavenly. Aptly named Serenity, Purity, Harmony, Inspiration and more – these sensuous scents will truly transform any environment into a sanctuary you will love to come home to. Made from essential oils, these fragrances form the basis for a range of soaps, reed diffusers, bath bombs, soy candles, fragrant beads, and more that not only look beautiful but possess a scent that will take your breath away.

For Melissa, the Territory is the perfect inspirational environment for her creations. Whether it’s the go getter attitude, the warmth of the people or the stunning natural landscape, the Territory is the ideal place to create.


The key to Deepwater Sanctuary’s success is constantly refining and experimenting. Melissa won’t let any product reach the hands of her customers until she is 100% happy with it. You can be sure you are buying a product that is the ultimate in luxurious quality. Own your own piece of sanctuary when you purchase Deepwater Sanctuary from Territory Made from April – September.

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