Blue Mallee

Blue Mallee was created by artisan Nicole Boucher in 2013. Her stunning polymer beads are all handcrafted and created lovingly by her – each and every one. Her designs are a clever arrangment of colour, texture and shapes that will add  wow factor to any outfit.
A hairdresser by trade, Nicole has tried many genres of craft but beads are her true love. Her products are diverse including pendants, necklaces, bracelets and wire rings. Each piece she makes is unique one off piece that no one else will own. Her designs come from the heart and her passion for work is brilliantly reflected in her art.
The Northern Territory certainly has a strong influence on her work. If you look carefully you will see something that reminds you of long sunset walks on the rocky beaches and hikes through pandanus bush. Like a seashell you hold up to your ear,  the Territory is there in her stunning pieces. – as much a part of her work as it is of her. It is indelibly Territory Made.
Nicole’s creative process is  one that often takes on a life of its own. For her  the end creation is always a surprise. Surprise yourself and your loved ones. Own your own Blue Mallee piece this Dry season. You will find Blue Mallee at each of our Dry season markets from April to September.
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