Bippidii Boppidii

Bippiddi Boppiddi is the brain child of Robyn Maclean, affectionately known as Boo to her friends. Like so many of our artisans, creativity has run in her veins from a very early age. Having grown up on a farm in South Australia,  from virtually as soon as she could walk, she sheared sheep, spun wool and knitted. Her artistic nature is not surprising then  coming as she does from 3 generations of artists.
Her love of of textiles has lasted her whole life and it wasn’t long before she put down the shears and converted the shearing shed into a print studio. Since then she has created magical, colourful designs on fabric, that have delighted customers all over the world.
Her fabric designs are whimsical, colourful, vibrant and beautifully reflective of the world around her. The Territory is also a perennial source of inspiration and you will often find in her designs scenes from your own backyard – a tropical house, a native finch, a tropical butterfly, transforming our fascinating into a scene out of a fairytale.
But her creations don’t stop at the fabric. Like the wool she weaved all those years ago, Boo transforms her magical fabric into fresh and funky bags, cute and colourful toys, jewellery, buttons, cards and much more. You can find her fabulous fabrics and luscious products at Territory Made from April to September.
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