Amanda Bantick Bespoke Art

Amanda Bantick’s Bespoke Art is Amanda. Amanda by name and Amanda by nature. Like her, her beautiful pieces add colour, vibrancy and soul to any space, any room, any wall.. Amanda’s inspiration comes from the very rooms in which her art is placed. The space that will become her art’s new home  becomes a canvas as much as the canvas itself. She works closely with her clients to create stunning works that add life, light and luscious colour to any space. Her pieces are created both by her clients and their vision as well as her own creative seed.

Amanda has been painting for much of her adult life, a constant source of joy and fulfilment. However it is only within the last 12 months that she has turned her passion into her business. However demand for her unique creations has grown with Amanda’s pieces adorning the places and spaces of customers around the Territory and beyond.

All her pieces are one off, bespoke items using mixed media and watercolour acrylic paints. Like so many of our artisans, Amanda’s work reflect the environment in which she lives, plays and creates – our very own Northern Territory. The richness of our stunning natural environment and magnificently diverse landscapes are captured in abstract form in the colour, movement and visual bravura of Amanda’s creations. Get some on your walls. Your place will thank you for it. You’ll find Amanda at our May, July and September markets.

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